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 is focused on safe maternity care in Nigeria. We are launching healthcare clinics that provide maternal health delivery across the local neighborhoods in Nigeria.
Each year, thousands of women and one million babies die in childbirth in Africa. They die at home and in unequipped facilities — from post-partum bleeding, infections, and botched abortions by back-street doctors. In West Africa, rates of maternal mortality are over a hundred times higher than they are in Europe. Meanwhile, over a million children die in childbirth in Africa. A mother's death pushes a family deeper into poverty, and daughters are often pulled from their studies to take care of the household.

  The disparity in maternal death between rich and poor is the largest among all health indicators tracked by the WHO. Ignite Heath's mission is to address this injustice.

Fortunately there is a solution: mortality can be cut 80% by improving access to reproductive health services and ensuring that childbirth happens with skilled providers and high-quality care.

Peri-urban areas — sprawling low-income areas on the outskirts of cities — are the fastest growing population centers in the world as people migrate from rural areas to seek better economic opportunities. 

Ignite-Health's approach is to set up clinics in these areas that offer high-quality service based on the best available maternal health innovations at rates that are affordable for the women who live there thereby building a sustainable neighborhood and atmosphere for women to live in.

Ignite-Health's clients are the women of the urban areas — hardworking women who are often are the primary breadwinner for their family.