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Who We Are

The Ignite-Health Social Business Enterprise Model aptly demonstrates

Democratizing Healthcare: Providing high quality healthcare services to women communities
without any discrimination on basis of color-caste-social status economic status

Social Impact: Direct Social Impact through providing underserved women communities with greater access to high quality health-care services resulting in better health & well-being, enhanced productivity and improved standard of living. Also providing alongside, multiple opportunities for employment generation in the local areas.



Ignite-Health Services, a sustainable social business enterprise, has the goal of catalytically transforming maternal healthcare in ways that support the SDGs by employing a service delivery model that uniquely leverages benefits of technology in Healthcare Sectors.

Customers Come First

Ensuring the quality of services to our customers is our first priority, every day. It is everybody’s responsibility. We seek a high quality customer experience at Ignite-Health.

Culture of Respect

We value a culture of respect for individuals, team, community, partners, and stakeholders at all times. This means that we maintain professional behavior and that we respect, reach out to and listen to all members of the team regardless of position, everyone’s role is important.

Continuous Improvement

We value a culture to seek input from everyone always to improve & practice open discussion of problems and potential solutions. It means that we accept change and remain flexible about adapting to and implementing new ways of working. We encourage critically assessing ourselves and benchmarking our progress.